Ausstellungsplakat: »Plastik. Die Welt neu denken« - Vitra Design Museum Shop

Exhibition poster: »Plastic: Remaking Our World«

The poster refers to the same-named exhibition. Plastics have shaped our daily lives like no other material: from packaging to footwear, from household goods to furniture, from automobiles to architecture. A symbol of carefree consumerism and revolutionary innovation, plastics have spurred the imagination of designers and architects for decades. Today, the dramatic consequences of the plastic boom have become obvious and plastics have lost their utopian appeal.  More information

  • Motif: Key Visual of the exhibition
  • Size (l/w): 841 x 594 mm
  • Illustration: Daniel Streat, Visual Fields 
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More about »Exhibition poster: »Plastic: Remaking Our World««

The exhibition »Plastic: Remaking Our World« at the Vitra Design Museum examines the history and future of this controversial material: from its meteoric rise in the twentieth century to its environmental impact and to cutting-edge solutions for a more sustainable use of plastic. Exhibits include rarities from the dawn of the plastic age and objects of the pop era as well as numerous contemporary designs and projects ranging from efforts to clean up rivers and oceans to smart concepts for waste reduction and recycling through to bioplastics made from algae and mycelium.

Ausstellungsplakat: »Plastik. Die Welt neu denken« - Vitra Design Museum Shop