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Born 1796 Boppard, Germany. Died 1871 Vienna, Austria. Trained as a carpenter and cabinetmaker in Boppard. 1819 Opened his own furniture workshop. 1830 First experiments with laminated wood. 1842 His workshop in Boppard was impounded; moved to Vienna; granted a five-year royal patent to produce bent laminated wood; employed in the workshop of the Viennese furniture producer List. 1843 Created chairs for the Liechtenstein Palace. 1849 Opened his own workshop in Vienna. 1850 Designed chairs for the Daum café in Vienna. 1851 Received a bronze medal at the London world’s fair for his furniture designs.  Show more information

1852 Opened a sales office in Vienna; received a second patent for bending laminated wood. 1853 Transferred ownership of the company to his sons under the name Gebrüder Thonet. 1855 Participated in the Paris world’s fair; first orders from overseas. 1856 Established the first furniture plant in Korichan, Moravia; Austrian citizenship; granted the “patent for the solid bending of chairs and table legs”. 1858 Closed down the Viennese workshop; opened a second sales office in Vienna; began producing chair “No. 14”. 1862 Established a second factory in Bistritz, Czechoslovakia. 1866 Set up a third plant in Gross-Ugrocs, Hungary.

Text: Vitra Design Museum

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