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Born 5 August 1899 Purmerend, Netherlands. Died 23 February 1986 Goldach, Switzerland. 1917–19 Drawing lessons in Amsterdam. 1919–22 Works in the office of the architect Marinus Jan Granpré Molière in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 1922/23 Works for Max Taut and Hans Poelzig, among others, during a prolonged stay in Berlin. 1923–25 Works for the architect Karl Moser in Zurich and for Johannes Itten in Thun, Switzerland. 1924 Co-founder of the Swiss avant-garde magazine ABC – Beiträge zum Bauen. 1926–28 Returns to Netherlands and works for Brinkman & Van de Vlugt at the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam; designs three single-family dwellings for the Weißenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart; designs a chair without back legs.  Show more information

1928–30 Guest lecturer for urban planning at the Bauhaus in Dessau; moves to Frankfurt am Main; architect for Neues Frankfurt (projects included Hellerhof and a residence for Henry and Emma Budge-Heim). 1930–34 Extended stay in the Soviet Union; works with a group of architects centred around Ernst May to plan the new Soviet cities of Magnitogorsk and Makiivka. 1934–48 Works as an architect in Amsterdam. 1935 Joins the editorial board of de 8 en Opbouw. 1936 Designs five terraced houses in south Amsterdam in collaboration with Lotte Beese and Willem van Tijen. 1939–48 Director of the Institute of Applied Art in Amsterdam. 1948–52 Moves to the Soviet Occupation Zone (later the GDR); director of the Hochschule für angewandte Kunst in Berlin-Weißensee; tries and fails to institute a degree course in industrial design. 1953–66 Resumes work as an architect in Amsterdam. 1966 Retires to Switzerland, moving frequently.

Text: Otakar Máčel

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