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Born 22 May 1902 Pécs, Hungary. Died 1 July 1981 New York City. 1920–23 Completes an apprenticeship at the cabinetmaker’s workshop of the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. 1921 Designs his first pieces of furniture, including some for Walter Gropius’ Haus Sommerfeld in Berlin. 1923 Presents his wooden furniture, including the Slatted Chair, at the first Bauhaus exhibition in Haus am Horn, Weimar. 1925 Named a Jungmeister (‘young master’) by Bauhaus Dessau; develops the first of his tubular steel furniture, including the B 3 lounge chair; commissioned to furnish the new Bauhaus building in Dessau. 1926 or 1927 Founds the firm Standard Möbel in Berlin to produce and distribute his tubular steel models. 1928 Leaves Bauhaus when Gropius resigns as director of the school.  Show more information

1928–31 Works from his own office in Berlin; designs further tubular steel models such as the B 32 chair and numerous interiors. 1932–34 Designs a collection of aluminium furniture including the 1094 lounger; contributes to constructing and furnishing the Doldertalhäuser in Zurich. 1935 Emigrates to Great Britain. 1935–37 Designs plywood furniture for the Isokon Furniture Company. 1937 Emigrates to the USA; works in partnership with Gropius until 1941. 1935–37 Works as professor in the Department of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1946 Relocates his architectural office from Boston to New York City. 1948/49 Designs a model home including complete interior design exhibited in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1952–58 Participates in construction of the UNESCO building in Paris. 1962 Italian firm Gavina re-releases the B 3 lounge chair, subsequently known as Wassily. 1964–66 Designs the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, marking the high point of his reputation as an architect; opens a branch of his office in Paris. 1976 Retires for health reasons.

Text: Mathias Remmele

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