Collection: Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Born 13 March 1781 Neuruppin, Prussia. Died 9 October 1841 Berlin, Prussia. 1798 Trains as an architect with David and Friedrich Gilly in Berlin. 1799/1800 Studies at the Bau-Unterrichts-Anstalt (later the Bauakademie), Berlin. 1800 First building and furniture designs (not executed). 1803 First study trip to Italy. 1808 Interior and furniture designs for the Königliches Palais, the crown prince’s palace in Berlin. 1809/10 Interior and furniture designs for the Stadtschloss Potsdam and Schloss Charlottenburg palaces. 1810 Appointed senior assessor of public works with the Prussian state building commission. 1811 Member of the Königlich Preussische Akademie der Künste, Berlin. 1815 Appointed senior councillor in charge of the Berlin office of the state building commission. 1816–18 Neue Wache, Berlin. 1817 First urban planning for Berlin.  Show more information

1819–40 Publishes Sammlung architektonischer Entwürfe, Dekorationen auf den königlichen Hoftheatern, and from 1821 Vorbilder für Fabrikanten und Handwerker. From 1820 Professor of architecture at the Bauakademie in Berlin. 1823–26 Renovation, interior design, and furnishing of the crown prince’s apartments in the Berliner Schloss, the royal city palace. 1824/25 Neuer Pavillon near Schloss Charlottenburg, including interior design and furnishings. 1824–31 Friedrichswerdersche Kirche, a church in Berlin. 1826 Tour of England, Wales, and Scotland; renovation, interior design, and furnishing of Schloss Charlottenhof in Potsdam. 1830 Promoted to director of the state building commission. 1831–36 Designs the Allgemeine Bauschule at the Bauakademie in Berlin. 1833 Römische Bäder, a building ensemble near Schloss Charlottenhof; designs cast-iron garden furniture as part of the contract. 1835–37 Publication of the booklets Schinkel’s Möbel-Entwürfe, edited by Ludwig Lohde.

Text: Tilo Richter

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