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Born 1 January 1940 in Budapest, Hungary. Died 10 March 2022 in Swalmen, Netherlands. 1960 Completes his secondary education in Germany, studying sculpture in Düsseldorf. 1960-1967 Works as an assistant to renowned German architect Rudolf Steinbach. 1967 Ghyczy formally graduates as an architect at the Technical University of Aachen, specializing in constructional engineering. 1968 Ghyczy takes a leading position at the company Elastogran, today BASF, in Lemförde, where he is responsible for the development of products made from polyurethane. 1968/69 Designs the Garden Egg Chair and the GN2 Lounge Chair with polyurethane. 1970-1972 Starts the Fehlbaum design collection with Willi Fehlbaum, the founder of Vitra. Show more information

1971 Designs the Spring Chair for the Fehlbaum collection, made with polyurethane and modifiable fabric cushioning, ranging from a neon orange colour to a white cream one. 1972 Designs the Endless-Programm for the Fehlbaum collection: an ‘endless’ sofa that was made from multiple airmchairs, also made out of polyurethane and corduroy fabric of a cream or dark brown shade. 1972 Moves to Swalmen in the Netherlands where he founds his own design studio, GHYCZY. 1973 Trademarks the casting and clamping techniques of solid material that Ghyczy personally developed. 1982 Designs the MEGAWATT lamp series. 1986 Designs the Jodie SO2 Chair, presented at the 2019 Design Biennale in Venice. 2000 Designs his second Design Centre which houses his atelier and showroom in the South of the Netherlands. 2021 Opens the GHYCZY showroom in Amsterdam

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