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Exhibition poster: »Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine«

The poster refers to the same-named exhibition. Science fiction becomes reality: robotics has taken ona growing role in our lives for a number of years now. Examples range fromtransport drones and disability robots to internet bots. First presented in2017, »Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine« has been the VitraDesign Museum’s most successful exhibition ever and will now return to Weil amRhein at the end of its world tour. As the robotics boom continues unabated,this presentation will be supplemented by important new developments in roboticsand digitalisation of the past few years. More than 200 exhibits from industryand the home, as well as computer games, media installations and examples fromfilm and literature, such as the famous R2-D2 robot from Star Wars. They allillustrate how much our lives are already permeated by robots, even in the mostintimate domains. At the same time, the last few years have shown the extent towhich our political discourse – such as in public elections or debates aboutdiversity or climate change – can be shaped by algorithms and artificialintelligence, and the risks we are incurring as a result. The exhibitionbroadens our view of the ethical, social and political questions that arise asour environment becomes increasingly robotic.

  • Motif: Key Visual of the exhibition
  • Size (l/w): 841 x 594 mm
  • Illustration: Christoph Niemann, »Robot Morph«, 2016
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