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Plywood Chair Vitra Design Museum Edition

Jasper Morrison

Numbered Edition

In summer 2019 the Vitra Design Museum released a numbered edition of the Plywood Chair by Jasper Morrison (1988). First presented as part of the exhibition »Some New Items for the Home, Part I« at the DAAD gallery in Berlin, the chair is remarkable for the simple and elegant form that made it a striking contrast to the extravagant designs of the 1980s.

For the Berlin exhibition, Jasper Morrison produced an initial set of only three copies. In 1989, the design went into serial production at Vitra, where it was produced under the name Ply-Chair until 2009. Ten years later, a numbered edition of the Plywood Chair is now issued by the Vitra Design Museum in collaboration with Jasper Morrison.

The chair is made out of plywood, an unpretentious material whose strength makes it suitable for a sleek, lightweight construction. When weight is applied, the seat yields slightly, fitting snugly into the curve of a wooden cross underneath it, which takes the strain and provides stability. The visible composition of the wood and screw joints give the chair a handmade character while at the same time revealing its construction.

The cooperation with Jasper Morrison will be realized by carpentry of the Vitra Design Museum that will produce the numbered edition of the Plywood Chair with careful attention to detail.

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  • Designer:
  • Jasper Morrison, Products
  • Size (l/h/w):
  • 828 x 469 x 395 mm

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