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Bale 22

Ron Arad, 2018

Squashed by Sticks & Stones at Vitra Design Museum

Ron Arad (born 1951 in Tel Aviv, lives and works in London) originally built the metal compactor Sticks and Stones for the 1987 Nouvelles Tendences exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

The machine »eats« chairs and metal objects and subsequently disgorges them in the form of pressed bricks. Metal objects are transported to the top of the contraption on a conveyor belt, where they fall into a hydraulic compactor and are compressed. This process is similar to an assembly line, except that here, furniture and other objects are being scrapped instead of new goods being produced. Through this act of deconstruction, Arad questions the designer’s role in our industrialised world and prods viewers to take a critical look at the consumer society.

Each block has its own personality, beauty, texture and colour.

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  • Designer:
  • Ron Arad, Products
  • Size (l/h/w):
  • 320 x 220.5 x 200.5 mm
  • Weight:
  • 9.55 kg