Chairless anthracite/fuchsia

Alejandro Aravena, 2010

Chairless is a robust fabric strap that enables relaxed sitting with neither seat nor backrest. This sitting tool offers solutions to modern nomads whenever they want to sit but no chair is available whether for a picnic in the park, waiting around in an overcrowded airport, at an open-air concert, reading on the beach and innumerable other occasions. Chairless is so light and compact you can always have it with you. Chairless takes the strain off your spine and legs while sitting on the floor and keeps your arms and hands free to do other things such as using an iPod or NetBook, reading or eating.

Material: Dyed polyamide belt, leather, elastic strip.

Size S - up to 165 cm body height

Size M - up to 165 - 180 cm body height

Size L  - up to 180 cm body height

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