Girard Wool Blanket Diagonals

Alexander Girard, 1971

The two-toned patterns of Girard’s wool blankets were originally conceived as printing motifs for decorative wall panels, fabrics or pillows. In collaboration with the Girard family, these graphic designs are now being executed in a jacquard weave to produce this fine collection of wool blankets. An additional effect of this weaving technique is seen in the alternating constellations of vibrant and muted colour tones.

Material: 100% Merino lamb’s wool, made using the Jacquard weaving technique.

Characteristics: Merino lamb’s wool is a high-quality natural fibre that comes from the first shearing of the Merino lamb. It is extremely lightweight, fine and soft and offers optimum heat exchange.

Quality: A great deal of technical and manual expertise is required to process the high-quality natural fibres. It is for this reason that the blankets by Vitra are made by a German blanket manufacturing company with more than 100 years of experience in processing natural fibres. The highquality implementation of the designs requires a great deal of handicraft.

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